• Risk Assessments
  • High-Net-Worth (HNW) services
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Protective services
  • Training
  • Emergency Preparedness (EP)
  • Global Assistance
  • Travel Security

Risk Assessments

Operating in remote or challenging environments requires threat, vulnerability and risk assessments. These are the basis of planning to understand and cater for incidents and eventualities which could lead to danger, injury or death of staff or clients. Companies conducting operations in remote, hazardous, fragile, or otherwise inaccessible locations should have robust safety and security plans in place. Any prior planning will assist in expediting assistance and avoiding disaster. There may be legal requirements or trade regulations to abide by, but duty of care and doing the right thing are as important and vital for brand and reputation issues and to reduce liabilities after an adverse incident.

High-Net-Worth (HNW) Services

Through Special Projects and Services (SPS), we are able to offer a discreet approach to HNW services, designing and implementing bespoke, client-led solutions ranging from residential to super-yacht security. It includes complete support for family offices, including threat and vulnerability assessments and physical and technical security support both at ‘home’ and when travelling locally/internationally.

Enterprise Risk Management

In line with current security best practice, SPS uses a strategy-driven approach to identify, assess and manage the organisational risks, threats and vulnerabilities confronting the client.

  • Multi-National Corporate/Franchise Market Entry Surveys – Country/regional threat assessments, physical surveys, supply chain route and issues review, risk mitigation recommendations, regional western business management interviews, competitor analysis, hotel/accommodation reviews, close protection and security drivers, staff monitoring
  • Enterprise Risk Management Services – Crisis Management, Reviews, Planning, Exercises, Security and BCP, Security Assessments etc.
  • Property Services – Site Security, Technical Design and Installations, Residential Security Teams, Physical Penetration Testing
  • CPTID/Security Design – Involvement at outset of design phase allows for effective integration of security concepts into construction planning – increased security efficacy and significant cost savings.
  • Investigations – Corporate, Private, Test Purchasing, background checks
  • Cyber Security – Penetration Testing, Consultancy, Assessments
  • Multi-National Corporate Travel Management – Full suite of services utilised by relevant Multi-Nationals
  • Natural Disaster/Incident Search and Rescue Operations/staff welfare management and tracking – Includes Corporate mass communications platform/staff welfare checks following an incident (e.g. natural disaster/bombing/train or plane crash
  • Relief and Embedded Security Managers – Risk Management Professionals

Protective Services

The essence of quality protection is anticipation not reaction. SPS has provided protection for ‘at-risk’ personnel and assets on a global basis and only uses high-calibre personnel and technology that maintains the lowest possible profile for the client.

  • Protective Security – Executive Protection, Asset Protection, Surveillance, Event Security, Security Coordinators, TCSM, Security Drivers.
  • Yacht Services – High Risk Transits, ISPS Code, CSO Cover, Technical and Drug Sweeps, Crew Security Awareness Training Courses.
  • Student Services – Tracking, Country Reports, Training, Travel Services.
  • NGO related security and medical control and evacuation services – Full suite of services with generally insurance backed security and medical related evacuations included


Our team of qualified instructors provides a comprehensive range of training services. Our courses are designed for specific client needs and, combined with SPS’s broader services, allow clients to operate in an ever changing and challenging world.

  • Training – Security Awareness & Self Preservation Courses, Hostile Environments Awareness Training (HEAT), Travel Safety, Family Security Packages, Crisis Avoidance.

Emergency Preparedness (EP)

This aspect of risk mitigation should be a wholistic approach where all potential stakeholders have input, threats and vulnerabilities are identified, risks analysed, and mitigation measures put in place to reduce risk and mitigate effects as far as is reasonably and practically possible. Duty of care to staff, clients, and all persons should take priority with life and safety being the over-riding factor to considerations. Priorities are to protect people first through expeditious response to significant triggers, effective command and control, communication, coordination, and prior planning and preparation.

Global Assistance

All the services offered are managed from our dedicated operations centre, which is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A single number will provide access to security, intelligence and medical assistance through our 24/7 emergency support system and network of providers.

A highly professional team of specialists, who have years of experience in providing security and crisis response planning, manages our operations centre. In an emergency situation you will be guided through the initial emergency response focusing on life and property preservation. If

a further solution is required we can provide additional assistance ranging from on-the-ground security support to medical evacuations.

Travel Security

International travel is key to today’s business environment. By integrating SPS’s travel security package into your organisation’s health and safety and travel policies, you will be able to prepare

and empower employees in order to best protect them, effectively respond to emergencies and operate safely and efficiently worldwide.

Online access to information includes:

  • eLearning travel safety course
  • OTRA (online travel risk assessment)
  • traveller information and client dashboard
  • traveller tracking

Your duty of care is important to understand as an employer.

Pre-travel – packages empower travellers with knowledge and education prior to travel.

During travel – we assist, monitor and provide real-time information alerts that could affect travellers’ movements.

Monitoring and response – is managed from our 24/7 operations centre, allowing us to oversee the risks that could affect travellers. This allows us to provide an immediate response to individual traveller emergencies.

Additional Services & Associated products – global advantage, whisper, panic button app, in-country reports, pre-travel advisories/late alerts, hotel assessments & itinerary tracking. 

Global Advantage and Whispernet

Leading global tracking software in the form of apps, satellite and GPRS devices that ensure the location of family or company personnel and/or assets which can be actively or passively monitored globally in real time by the operations centre.

Conservation Support Services

Threat/vulnerability/risk overviews, procedures/tactics and equipment assessment, technical procurement/training/integration and support services, physical training and support services.

CPTID/Security Design

Involvement at outset of design phase allows for effective integration of security concepts into construction planning – increased security efficacy and significant cost savings.

Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response Plan Development

CIMS also specialises in the provision of high-tech programmes and systems to support various industry /market sectors