Africa SAFE-T is a safari and adventure focused emergency company, with medical response units established in remote tourism locations around Africa over a period of twelve years. Africa SAFE-T operates on a membership fee basis, dividing the cost of operations between our members and organisations of the local communities in which it operates. These local communities contract Africa SAFE-T services in order to develop an emergency medical infrastructure in the absence of an existing one. Africa SAFE-T is continually expanding to new areas. Africa SAFE-T also empowers its clients to be self-sustaining – to a degree – through extensive wilderness medical training, emergency response plans and medical kits and equipment.


Africa Rescue is a remote medical transportation solution that launched its ‘Live Assist Centre’ in 2017. The centre provides medical case management specifically dedicated to the African context. Africa Rescue assist organisations and insurers in managing the medical aspects of an incident. The service provides emergency first aid guidance to lay persons in the field, activates and coordinates the most appropriate emergency medical service including but not limited to ambulances and trauma counsellors for each incident. Africa Rescue ensures patients reach the most appropriate medical facilities in the most appropriate time frame. The Centre furthermore communicates with travel and health insurances to ensure coverage for patients and that the insurers proactively support their policyholders during incidents. The service is only offered in the African region providing a personalized and efficient local and remote emergency medical assistance services.


Remote Dr. Inc is a group of accident and emergency doctors in South Africa that provide emergency medical consultation and medical assessments during medical incidents. The doctors are involved in each incident to assess patient’s conditions, advise the Africa Rescue Live Assist Centre regarding the medical needs of the patient and recommend initial medical treatment for patients in the field (if the patient can be safely and temporarily treated in the field). The doctors instruct the Africa Rescue Live Assist Centre regarding required medical response and transportation times and the type of medical facility that is required for the effective treatment of the patient’s condition.


SPS Global, established in 1991. We are a leading independent security and risk management consultancy. We specialise in delivering strategic and operational solutions to our select clients on a global basis.


Personal Injury Expertise – In these sensitive situations, we aim to get the most beneficial results for our clients by providing quantification and litigation on all types of personal injury matters, including medical negligence claims and Road Accident Fund claims.


Johan Martin, because of his police background, has always been interested to find a niche as an attorney to specialise in a venture in which he would feel familiar with, and therefore established this business during 2004. Legally Armed was then franchised and currently has 21 offices country wide, with more to come! Legally Armed provides a one-stop service with regards to the administration of the Firearms Control Act, making it simpler for the general public and entities to comply with the requirements of the Act.