CIMS delivers tailored strategic and operational risk mitigation solutions to businesses in Africa and around the world.

It is through the collaboration of trusted leaders in risk and incident management, that CIMS is empowered to craft bespoke risk solutions designed to meet clients challenging and often  threatening environments.

To ensure the best outcome in any high-risk situation many things must be done concurrently. Unless co-ordinated by trained individuals, with access to the best and most appropriate resources, things often go disastrously wrong. CIMS has the ability to design a seamless, integrated solution for you or your business. The combination of local specialist knowledge, international best practice, cutting edge technology and on-the-ground resource allows CIMS to deliver solutions regardless of the level of complexity.

The CIMS approach is simply a risk management model of:
Readiness, Response and Recovery. Through measuring clients risk vulnerability, and capacity CIMS’s is able to construct risk management plans suited to your needs.

Leaving incidents in the hands of your employees is a potentially high-risk strategy and takes them away from their core function. Any one incident, be it an accident or symptom of illness, that is incorrectly diagnosed or managed can lead to events that result in a liability exposure that can seriously damage most corporates. Statistics show that positive intervention by Critical IMS has effectively decreased the exposure in our clients operations creating safer, more sustainable and more marketable environments.